Password Reset Request

Please read the following steps carefully (and complete the online request form below) as all steps are required in order to complete your request for a password reset.

  1. Complete Online Request Form - This request will require all sections of the form be completed: Account & Company Information, Requestor Information, Account Administrator Information, and Reason for Password Reset. This request MUST be completed and authenticated by a person of financial responsibility for the account entered. These individuals would be the Owner, COO, CFO/VP of Finance, Controller, General Manager, or equivalent. (IT/MIS management individuals may be considered with prior written consent from the above listed individuals.)
  2. Personal Authentication - For the security of your account, Shift4 requires a personal authentication process to validate the requestor by answering personal questions. U.S. residents will be electronically verified and will be asked for the last four digits of your social security number and current address. With this information, you will be asked three confirmation questions specific to you. These questions serve to authenticate the identity of the person requesting this access level. Shift4 does not store any of the information provided by you as a third party performs this authentication on behalf of Shift4; these services are provided by
  3. Email Confirmation and Electronic Signature - Once the personal authentication has been approved, an email confirmation for the online request will be generated and sent to the requestor’s email account. This email will contain a secure link that the requestor will need to select in order to complete the Account Administrator Reset Password Request. Once open, the document will need to be signed via the electronic signature process. You will receive an email requesting a signature from
  4. Verification & Approval - Once electronic signature has been completed, Shift4 will receive the request and validate all information provided herein. Once validated, Shift4 will normally approve and execute the password reset process within 48-72 hours. Shift4 does reserve the right to call the account for verification purposes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For security purposes, Shift4 reserves the right to call the merchant for verification purposes. In addition, the use of free email accounts (like Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, etc.) will almost always generate a verbal confirmation call. If possible, avoid the use of free email accounts and please verify that the business phone number you provide below is correct.

Account & Company Information

Requestor Information

You must have access to this email account to complete the registration process. A random validation code will be sent to this account that you'll need to provide upon clicking Register below.

Account Administrator Information

You must have access to this email account to complete the administrator reset process. A document will be sent to this email address for electronic signing.
To make sure we got your email address correct, please enter it again for verification.

Reason for Password Reset

Select this option if you forgot or lost your password.
Select this option if you are unable to access the authenticator app on your smart device.
Select this option if you forgot your password and are unable to access the authenticator app on your smart device.
Select this option in the event of a new administrator/owner. The password will be reset and the authenticator app will be removed from the account.
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