Current SSL Certificates

The following certificates are provided for environments that require the manual installation of public certificates for secure communication. The ZIP files contain one or more .p7b files that include the entire certificate chain. The certificates are all issued by GeoTrust but this may change at any time.

(formerly DOLLARS ON THE NET®)

Lighthouse Transaction Manager provides pre-settlement auditing, comprehensive reporting, 24-month transaction archives, fraud detection, virtual terminal, gift card solution and more.

Domain(s) Expires Download

2022-02-03 ZIP
2021-09-04 ZIP
2020-10-17 ZIP


4Res is a CHD “firewall” designed to sit between a Central Reservation System (CRS) and a hotel's Property Management System (PMS) and allow CHD to be tokenized before it enters the hotel's cardholder data environment (CDE).

Domain(s) Expires Download 2021-01-06 ZIP


i4Go was designed to protect cardholder data (CHD) in what we like to call “click-and-mortar” environments – those e-commerce business environments with internet browser-based applications that integrate online (Web site) and onsite (kiosk, Software as a Service) technologies.

Important Note: Server-to-server communication to may require the installation of the certificate below (based on your environment).

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2021-12-26 ZIP

It's Your Card

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2021-03-12 ZIP



Important Note: Server-to-server communication to any of our development, testing, and certification hosts may require the installation of the certificate below (based on your environment). This certificate is a wildcard certificate which slightly different that our typical production environment.

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* 2021-02-26 ZIP