System Status Alerts

Consider this page your Shift4 "Mission Control" center. From here you can monitor any reported issues, scheduled maintenance, and/or potential system downtime; all updated in real time.

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Shift4 is Experiencing High Call Volume

Shift4 Support is experiencing higher than normal call volume. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Typically, this is caused by a processor or telecommunications outage. As soon as we determine the underlying problem, we will post an alert at and Thank you for your patience.

Merchants Report Oracle MICROS Authorization Issues

Shift4 has become aware that some merchants using Shift4's Secure Suite for Micros solution are encountering a 'CA/EDC Connection Severed' message when attempting to authorize a credit card. Shift4 is still researching the root cause of this issue, but it is believed that a recent Windows patch or other 3rd party application update may be interfering with Secure Suite's normal function. 

Please try restarting the Micros Credit Card Server service to see if this resolves the problem. If not, we have identified a possible solution to this problem by having affected merchants remove a passphrase value in the registry and installing UTG Build 2304. Please contact Shift4 Support for assistance at 1-888-857-9751. You may also request a call to troubleshooting by emailing