System Status Alerts

Consider this page your Shift4 "Mission Control" center. From here you can monitor any reported issues, scheduled maintenance, and/or potential system downtime; all updated in real time.

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Merchants Reporting Settlement Batches are Flagging as "Pending"

A "Pending" batch usually occurs when your processor is unavailable at the time the batch is presented for settlement either due to a settlement outage or due to settlement attempts during the processor’s daily maintenance window.

If your batch remains in the "Pending" status for more than 24 hours after submittal, please call Shift4 Support. Generally, our "batches" team monitors such batches and submits them when the processor becomes available. Unless it has been more than 24 hours from the time and date of your submittal, there is no need to call Shift4 Support. Instead, you should periodically check or for status.

Shift4 is Experiencing High Call Volume

Shift4 Support is experiencing higher than normal call volume. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Typically, this is caused by a processor or telecommunications outage. As soon as we determine the underlying problem, we will post an alert at and Thank you for your patience.

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