Account Recovery

If you registered as a MyPortal user and cannot remember your username or password.

Instructions: If you know your username use the Reset Password tab below. If you don't know your username use the Retrieve Username tab. Each tab will provide further instructions.

Reset Password Instructions: Use this form if you know your MyPortal username but cannot remember the password. Provide your username below and click Email Verification Code. Once emailed you will be prompted to check your email inbox for a verification code. Using this code you will be able to set your password.

Retrieve Username Instructions: Use this form if you do not know your MyPortal username. Provide the email address associated with the user account (twice) and click Email My Username. Once emailed check your inbox for the associated username(s). At this point if you know the password you can go directly to the MyPortal login page. If you do not remember the password use the Reset Password tab.

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